Gaelic Medium Education in the Western Isles

Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities available in the Gaelic world and those who are fluent in more than one language have more opportunities to gain employment in a Gaelic related job. In 2011 Education Scotland produced a series of videos where people who have careers in different sectors speak about their positions and about what language skills they need to effectively carry out these posts. We would like to thank Education Scotland for allowing us permission to use these videos.


There are many opportunities for young people who are interested in developing a career in the Gaelic Media sector, which includes radio, television and the digital media sectors. A high standard of written and spoken Gaelic is necessary in these posts.

Young people who are interested in a career in the media sector should develop their skills in Gaelic to the highest level and should try and ensure that they listen and watch Gaelic programmes. There are many tertiary education courses available for both Gaelic and Media Studies.

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The Arts

The Gaelic Arts sector – music and song, drama, writing – has grown in importance over the last number of years.

If a young person has an interest the Arts, they should develop their Gaelic skills, both spoken and written. They should research any relevant training and undertake work experience in the sector they are particularly interested in. They should, at every available opportunity, take part in events such as the Mod and Fèisean. This will given them the confidence that is necessary in this industry.

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There are a wide variety of jobs available in the Education sector, particularly since the development of Gaelic Medium Education. Not only are there opportunities in the secotr teaching but also opportunities working for organisations which are involved in the development of Gaelic resources.

Young people who are interested in a career in Education should aim to bring their language skills to the highest level and should ensure they grasp every opportunity to reach the highest level of fluency.

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Local Authority

Since the Gaelic Language Act (Scotland) came into force in 2003, new career opportunities have arisen in the local authority sector and within Gaelic development organisations. An extremely high standard of Gaelic is necessary to fulfil these positions.

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Jobs within the Health sector do not require high literacy skills in Gaelic, but it is a necessity to be fluent speaking Gaelic especially when dealing with patients, in particular elderly people who are fluent in Gaelic. Gaelic is used everyday within the health sector across the Highlands and Islands, but it is often useful in the cities where patients are often transferred for specialist treatment.

There is a constant demand for health sector workers who are fluent in Gaelic.

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